Type 1 Diabetes... 
the Future.

Getting less hard

I'm hard pressed to say things are getting better so much as they aren't as hard as they were even just a few weeks ago.  I think that's part of the reason that my posts are much less frequent. My need to air my fears and seek support just aren't as pressing and raw as they were. I'm getting a handle on everything I guess.  

I went to my first 'support group' a couple weeks back and found it to be much more comforting and less intimidating than I had imagined.  I followed that with a girls weekend getaway. I came back from that feeling more hopeful and less upset and angry than I had been. I think getting great A1C results helped. But ultimately, I'm tired of being depressed and in a funk that becomes so suffocating at times. I don't think those days are done but I do think they are less frequent than they had been, which I consider a bonus.  

So on that note, onwards and upwards. I do think this blog will stray to my "normal" life, such as it is, as otherwise I think I will go mad or just never post if it's always about blood glucose and insulin. 

I've begun canning and preserving. Low/no sugar of course. 

Getting Ready To Walk!