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About a month has rolled by since I got up the steam to write a post. To be fair I do have a couple drafts written, for a rainy day I suppose. Just haven't had the energy or the time really to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.  

It's been a hard month generally.  Althought there have been bright moments, like having my mom visit me for a whole week. But really, this month has been draining mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I've spent a lot of time wondering about being an adult. I understand it's not all grand times and happy occassions, that often life is peppered with sad and disappointing events as well.  Just ask any member of my family, god only knows the hell or so that we've had to endure.  I guess, I just thought, at least up until now, that the hard stuff got dished out a little at a time rather than a consistent stream of bad news.  

Perhaps I'll choose the bright side today and say that this just means I'm good for like 10 years before anything else bad swings my way.  Tomorrow however, I'll probably reconsider this and brace myself again against my reality. I'm 28 and a shelf in my kitchen cabinet is full of medical supplies. I have my own sharps container and am a member of the Rite Aid Diabetes Care program. 

My optimisim has certainly gone in waves since diagnosis, like anyone else I imagine, so don't freak out that this is a bit of bummer of a blog post. Just trying to get my thoughts sorted and hopefully get out of this funk of not writing as I do think it's beneficial to air my grievences, as it were.  

On the upside, I've decided to attack all other ailments/issues etc. I have medically as I think diabetes is quite enough for me to deal with.  As such, I'm getting a refreshed allergy test next Thursday so I can begin allergy shots, my asthma is basically just a winter/cold-weather issue, and I'm going to more seriously look into Lasik. What I save in allergy meds and contacts/glasses is probably minimal in the scheme of things but it will be nice to cross a few worries and expenses off the list. 

Clubbing with T1D

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