Type 1 Diabetes... 
the Future.

ugh. what a week.

I have been nursing a yucky feeling for a few days now. My blood sugars are just this side of normal and I am less than pleased about that.  Did you know that illness, along with that time of the month, can raise your blood sugar? If yes, a gold star for you. Just another bonus of T1D.  

Life has been been hectic and crazy and depressing and wonderful and stressful and all kinds of busy in just the last week alone. With that in mind, this is just going to be a quick update and later I'll write in more detail on some fronts.  I'm in the midst of deciding how much I want this blog to drift into realms of my life not directly related to T1D. Although I guess the argument could be made that no such part of my life is non-affected by this condition...

Yesterday I had not one but two doctors appointments sandwiching my workday.  I started off bright and early with an appointment with an actual podiatrist rather than a off-kilter LCSW with projection issues.  She was delightful and quite funny which made the visit much better than expected. Now it's my turn for a gold star. After all my freaking out over my cold foot, I got a complete and thorough look-see and according to my DPM, my feet are not diabetic aka low risk for issue. Which is really the best I can get diagnosis wise as everyone is essentially low-risk.  You (that's right, you) could step on a nail tomorrow or break your toe or get some awesome gnarly gash that get's nasty infected. That's right, I said it.  Low-risk is the best anyone can expect. 

She did say that I should make a habit of always wearing shoes (not socks. something with a sole) even when just walking around the house as a precautionary measure. I can't say I'm thrilled about this but as with everything - if I have to wear 'em - they are going to look good.  And thanks to a simple question on Facebook, I have quite a few brands to explore. I tell you - you ask ladies about footwear and you get ANSWERS ;) And thank you Zappos VIP - my new shoes come tomorrow!

The doc also made a crack about how she'd be out of a job if they went around cutting people's feet off whenever someone had an infection.  After reciprocating with a joke about job security, she went on to reassure me that even if I notice something out of the ordinary that doesn't mean the worse. I just need to be diligent and proactive. Once again - this is really something everyone should do when it comes to their health - foot care or otherwise. 

I ended my day with a visit to my amazing PCP. We were essentially just checking in to see how I've been dealing with everything since the diagnosis. I brought my numbers to show her (and let's face - brag a bit. I might as well take some pride in my control, right?).  She was kind and said she had been keeping an eye on my charts and she too is excited to see my A1C next week.  Despite my crew over at the endocrinology building, I think it's going to help to stay in contact with my PCP as I have known her much longer and am very comfortable with her, plus it will no doubt help my care for her to be more intimately in the loop.

Remind me to write later about a great recipe I got to try out this past week at a couple of potlucks - Fresh Mediterranean Salad - only 6 carbs for a cup's worth.  Until then... 

Winning the game

The straw and the camel are not pleased with one another.